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Product Details - Drink Pulser & Biopulser

Life Resonance is the developer and manufacturer of the Biopulser & Drink Pulser. These unique energy-based products for "treatment" of food and drinks are based on Swiss technology by Life Resonance. These products for everyday use are effectively riding the current trend and great demand for harmony and more quality of life.

Both products are so called energy transmitters; 

they are enriched with reorganizing resonance patterns. These unique products your well-being and feelings of energy balance. Traditional Swiss craftsmanship plays a significant role in the development of these precious transmitter products.

The advantages of using bioactivated products include the possibility of supporting and harmonizing the human energy field which plays an important part in controlling biological processes.

Highly appreciated benefits are;

balance for body & mind / enhanced vitality 

/ health & Wellbeing

These bioactivated products have been developed for private use. The products support and harmonize the human energy field.  Easy to use, the application of each product is understandable for everyone.

Drink Pulser - Harmonizing Quartz Stirring Stick

The Drink-Pulser harmonizes the acid in wine, champagne and fruit juices, therby making them more easily tolerated. Whiskey, cognac and clear brandies lose their aggressive tang and are enabled to develop their full bouquet. A more intensive and clearly deffined sweet flavor is produced with fruit and vegetable juices, resulting in a less artificial taste. Tap water is more palatable.


Place or hold the Drink-Pulser for 30 - 60 seconds in the container of liquid — a maximum of 30 seconds in drinks with carbonic acid. Taste and experience the fascinating balancing of flavors that result! Ideally, one should drink 2 - 3 liters of fluids daily. It is unquestionably of immense importance that the fluids consumed are penetrated with dynamic energy, and as a consequence sufficiently revitalizing.

Important for the Success of a Taste Test

Pour the same drink into two separate glasses. Put the Drink-Pulser in one of the glasses, placing the second glass in a distance of approximately 30 - 40 centimeters from the first glass. Wait for about one minute. Then take a sip of the energized drink, followed by a sip of the non-energized drink. Can you taste the difference? You will definitely recognize and ap-preciate the difference in the superiority of the balance of flavours. Hence, energize every drink before consummation!

Tip: Most people are better able to recognize a difference in taste with acidic drinks. Therefore, it is advised to make a first test with drinks such as orange juice or vine.

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Biopulser - For harmonizing of food

Would you ...

want to listen to a piece of music played on violins that were out of tune? Surely not! Yet did you know hat you eat «mistuned» food every day?

Everyone knows that a foodstuff is made up of a variety of bio-chemical substances. 

Yet the fact that bio-energetical forces determine the structural arrangement of a foodstuff may be new to many readers. 

The condition of this structural arrangement, however, decides whether a food-stuff also promotes one’s health.

Try and compare....

Place a glass of orange juice on the Biopulser, and another glass of orange juice about 50 cm away from it. Wait for about 2 or 3 minutes. 

Then first taste the the orange juice not energized on the Biopulser. Then drink from the glass that had been placed on the Biopulser. 

You will discover at once that orange juice is not always orange juice! 

A miracle? No. Only the results of the way the Biopulser works. It transmits its impulses through the glass into the orange juice. 

Aggressive acids are neutralised, irregularities in flavor evened out. 

And of course you can test any other kind of food in the same way as well.

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Technical Details - Swiss Bioactivation Technology

Bioactivation is a proprietary technology to imprint energy resonance patterns into specific materials like gold and quartz. It is based on specifically esigned biophysical and electronic devices. 

The energy resonance patterns imprinted into the Boiopulser and Drink Pulser helps to restruckture the energy field of food and drinks. by doing so the taste and flavour of foods and drinks are enhanced suppoting our body to faster regenerate, to restore organization and to maintain energy balance. 

The basic effect is a transmittance of energy in a resonance-like interaction between emitter (product) and absorber (user).

The Bioactivation technology is based on working principles of alternative treatment systems such as Chinese Medicine, Homeopathic Therapy, Dr. Bach Remedies that address the body's energy field for improvement of organization, restorance and energy balance for health and well-being.

Since quantum physics modern scientists describe our existence as being based on particle and wave, matter and information, taking into consideration that high levels of organization and coherence support and maintain complex biological systems..

Bioactivation and the Life Resonance product lines are based on long years of experience of the two founders.

Their recognition that optimal bodily function, mental well-being and a pleasing, radiant vitality - as well as simply feeling good - are the result of consistent energy care.

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